No More Coaching. Just Kicking.

Caution! You will be kicked in the ass. Professed victims not invited.

One life. Live it well. Live it radically.

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No More Coaching. Just Kicking.

Caution! You will be kicked in the ass. Entitled victims not invited.

Coming Soon. Coming Radical.

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Kings and Queens only.

Professed victims not invited.

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Why I stopped being a Coach

For some 30 years, I've been successful as a professional tactical trainer and coach. While having reached approximately 20,000 people with my coaching programs, I eventually said farewell to any classical coaching approach. I turned to asskicking only.

It happened after I rediscovered some ancient words from the great Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius. 

 "The time is at hand when you will have forgotten everything. And the time is at hand when all will have forgotten you."

Stoicism frequently reminds us about the value of life and the value of time. No one will stay here forever.

Time is the most precious asset we have. Classical coaching programs simply ignore that. Asskicking strongly emphasizes it.


Beyond Coaching

The term coach refers back to a newly invented comfortable carriage from the 15th century.

Asskicking is not about comfortably carrying you. It's about pushing you forward.

There are gazillions of coaches out there providing countless coaching methods. While some of them do an excellent job, most coaches simply waste your time. Because they still don't care about your time.

After all, it just doesn't matter how good your coach is or how many coaching sessions you took. All that matters is how much you achieve.

Progression is everything. And you only have a limited time to progress.

To be precise, you have 86,400 seconds each day to progress. And to be even more precise, you might die right tomorrow. Sorry to be honest, mate.

No more time to waste. Let's asskick.

So would you like to spend your last 86,400 seconds on earth taking coaching sessions or reading a book?

My suggestion is that you take action as fast as you can. You've read enough books. (Yep, I know even more of them are lying on your shelf unread.)

Asskicking is all about action-taking. It's all about progression. It's all about you and your precious limited time on earth. 

Asskicking is straight, simple, fast, radical, honest, time-sensitive, powerful, smart, and effective.

Asskicking is about passion, progression, achievement, awareness, mindfulness, and love.

Time is running out. You don't need more coaching. You need asskicking.

Find your first free asskicks below.

Want some free asskicks? Here we go.


Asskick #1

You will die.


Asskick #2

Time is running out.

86,400 seconds will be subtracted from you each day.



Asskick #3

You are here for a reason.

Remember it.




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The daily Fight, Flight, or Freeze mode

Modern times put an incredible amount of pressure on all of us. Even without the up-to-date COVID thing, this pressure is omnipresent to any individual in our sphere.

Life deems to be tremendously complicated. This pressure captures a good portion of mankind in slavery. Most of the time, we all act in pure survival mode.

Some people try to fight against life until they are exhausted. Some people attempt to run away from their life.

And some people just do nothing. They freeze and get paralyzed, wobbling around in Zombie mode.

We have lost our constitutional power, and we are cut off from our natural human potential. Some of us even lost their identity.

It's time to f*cking stop that downbound train.


Back To You

Sure, I'm not talking about you here. It's just your neighbors, right?

Come on, stop pretending that you are not infected. No one of us is clean.

Stop lying to yourself. Stop telling yourself it's all right to be in that destructive state of mind. 

We were not born to suffer. We were not born to live as victims of circumstances. No matter what religions, traditions, or politicians tell you.

You are here for a reason. 

Can't remember it? Well, my suggestion is that we should asskick on this first off.


I am _____

Truly, mate. If you can't instantly fill the blank in 'I am _____.' you're in deep trouble. Your life is f*cked up right there.

You need to recall who you are as fast as you can. Remember, you will die soon, and time is running out. Invaluable 86,400 seconds are subtracted from your account every single sunset.

You cannot afford to waste another day. Get crystal-clear about who you are and what to do with the rest of your precious given time on planet earth.

Who are you? Beyond the labels others give you. Who are you?

Your personal storyline is nothing that can be told to you. It is something that must unfold in you. And I know it already has.

Let's go there. Let's asskick.


Gain back your power

Make that decision today. Do you want to stay in daily fight-or-flight? Do you want to remain in slavery and live your life in Zombie mode?

Or do you want to reactivate your super-human power again?

Power is the capacity to do shit. Power is the ability to become bigger than your problems. 

Actually, your power comes right from your storyline. It comes from the story you tell yourself about who you are.

Asskick: Victor or victim? There's nothing in between.


Where do you want to go?

I know that you are not used to thinking and talking about your purpose in life. How do I know? Because I've coached 20,000+ people.

Few of them were raised in an environment that encouraged them to pilot for a meaningful life. F*cking sad but true.

In fact, most people never answer their purpose question. They literally run away from it - many times their whole life. What a shitty waste of human potential.

My deepest wish is that you don't do that.

That's why you are more than welcome to join the Assick Me! Community. A no-smalltalk place where people love to hear about your unique and amazing stuff.


Take action!

Here's the naked truth. There's only one way to get anywhere. You must GO! There's only one way to achieve anything. You must DO!

Never confuse motivation with action. You can sit and meditate all day long. You can read another 100 books. There's no use in that input if you don't produce any output from it.

Asskick: You are what you do. Not what you say you'll do.

So after you've clarified some things, let's asskick you to action again and again.


Fight the virus. F*ck the fear.

After you've obtained self-confidence (Who you are), it's time for self-defense.

There's a virus that lives inside of you and inside of me. It's called the VICTIM VIRUS(VV), and it's the reason why your life isn't working.

Some Symptoms of a VV infection are

  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Lack of responsibility 
  • Whining, bitching, complaining, and finger-pointing
  • Blaming your spouse, parents, education, society, boss, government, or the weather for the situation you are in.
  • Facebook or Netflix bingeing
  • Feeling or talking depression
  • Felling or talking FEAR

No mask can protect you from that virus. No vaccination. I'm sorry, mate.

However, you can actually cure yourself and immunize forever.


Let's Asskick together!

Let me remind you that you did not come here to be a victim. You came here for victory. You came here to create.

You are not a passive object in the game of life, waiting for orders. You are a powerful creator of reality.

So let's f*cking do it!

Let's set up a few things upfront, and then let's go and let's do what's required. Let's create results asap.

YOUR personal results in accordance with your life's purpose.

Take responsibility, and then take action!

Here's what we cover in the Asskick Me! Program

  • Addressing some basic facts (Pure mathematics)
  • Getting you out of the Survival mode (Fight, Flight, Freeze)
  • Clearing your self-confidence (Who am I?)
  • Clearing your being (What's calling you?)
  • Clearing your perspective (Where do I want to go?)
  • Gaining back your power (Your capacity to DO)
  • Actually doing shit and retting results daily (Progression)
  • Keeping your balance (Your relationship with you and others)

Take the radical Asskick approach to BE YOU.

Don't be sold out like a fool to the idea that you are a victim that needs someone else to save them.

Don't give away your power! Don't leave the responsibility for your magnificent life to anybody else.

Let's Asskick!


Take it serious. Take it easy.

Let me talk straight again. You will die soon, and time is already running out.

86,400 secondes will be subtracted from you every single day. You've got no time to waste. So you'd better take it seriously.

However, it doesn't have to be hard.

Life is not complicated if you refer back to some simple concepts and stay focused on who you really are and why you are here.

In a world of complexity, the best weapon is simplicity.

Don't fuck up your life. 

You are an intelligent human being. You already know how it works. All you need are some Asskicks. 

Here we go.

For Those In The Making


The Asskick Me! Program is a perfect fit if

  • you are aware of life's value, and you feel that you are here for a reason

  • you have a true desire to get radical outcomes from your life

  • you understand that you are the only hero that will ever appear in your life

  • you are ok with clear communication. No fluff. No fillers.

  • you are ready to assume responsibility and to take action

  • you are prepared to take some peppy asskicks

  • you are not looking for the next new shiny coaching thing

  • you are not a professed victim


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