Who we are. What we do. How we do it. Why we do it.

Take a deep look into the unicorn's soul.


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We Are What We Do

All successful people and organizations share one thing in common. They all have clearly defined principles, philosophies, and ethics. And they have a consistent way of doing things. It's like a fingerprint that marks everything they touch. You know it's their work. It's their style. It's their identity. Read on to learn about the YCF identity.​

Our Mission

We are YCF International. Our mission is to empower people.

Philosophy And Ethics

We are YCF International. Our mission is to empower people.

Here is what we stand for. And what we do not stand for.

  1. Voluntariness. Everything we do is voluntary. We are here voluntarily, and so are you. We are happy if you share our path. We do not hold you back if you want to take your own way.
  2. Clarity. We communicate clearly and directly with you and with the world. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. There is no integrated communication in our community
  3. Simplicity. Life must not be hard. We are not interested in artificially complicating it.
  4. Community. We have a great mission based on an even greater vision. Everyone who shares our vision is invited to participate. We stand for cooperation instead of competition.
  5. Diversity in unity. If you accompany us, you are allowed to be who you want to be. And you are welcome to bring your individual potential into our common cause.
  6. Reflection. Everything flows. Life means change. We look at ourselves, our environment and the reciprocal effects that take place there. We continue to evolve.
  7. Strength. We believe in the personal strength of every single person out there. We think it's logical that a strong society is made up of strong individuals. Therefore, we reject any concepts that aim to make people artificially poor, stupid, weak and dependent.
  8. Productivity. We are entrepreneurs. Our work is much than a way to make money. It is a product of our conviction and an instrument for fulfilling our mission.

What we do out of our passion reflects what we believe in and what we value. Our work is self-expression and a constructive contribution in this world.

Our way will never end.

No Martial Arts

We are YCF International. Our mission is to empower people.

We are no martial artists. Although most of our stuff is somehow related to the subject of self-defense, it's absolutely not about martial arts.

So don't expect to find rituals, labels, uniforms, colored belts, masters, grandmasters, super-grandmasters, or super-duper grandmasters at YCF.

We even don't have dogmas or lineages for you.

We do not participate in rivalries or any kind of monkey dance commonly executed in the martial arts circus.

(This includes we do NOT take part in any my-technique-is-more-realistic-than-yours rubbish).


The Krav Maga Thing

We are YCF International. Our mission is to empower people.

We often refer to a thing called Krav or Krav Maga. Again it's something that can easily be confused with martial arts.

Actually, the Krav Maga industry has been undercut by many martial artists nowadays, bringing in their martial arts indoctrination.

Here at YCF, we have a unique understanding of Krav Maga. We do not limit Krav to be the next superior fighting system, developed by some Israeli soldiers.

We also refer to Krav Maga as the all-natural competence inherent in your DNA.

Thus, we don't believe in magic tricks and techniques all too much.

However, we do believe in the magic force in you, established 4.6 billion years ago.

That's why we call our thing YOU CAN FIGHT.

So don't panic. It's organic. You are Krav Maga already.

How We Do Business

We are YCF International. Our mission is to empower people.

Here is how we do business.

Train The Trainer  (B2B) - We offer specialized training programs for those who wish to empower others. Our expertise includes but is not limited to personal self-defense, conflict management, and personal development.

We also provide customized coaching and support service for trainers such as marketing, organization, and ticketing.

Online Training (B2C) - We offer easygoing online training programs for anyone who wants to get empowered. Those programs cover various subjects, including but not limited to self-defense, crime prevention, and psychological resilience.

Live Training Events (B2B) - We offer live training events with active practitioners in business enterprises, public authorities and non-profit organizations. Such training can be ​entirely customized to the individual needs of the client.

Physical Products (B2B / B2C) - In some cases, we offer physical products as long as they support the idea of empowering people. We mostly take advantage of 3rd-party and fulfillment services in that field.

Let's pep!