The People Empowerment Project


What's it all about?

Welcome genius. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you've come to the right place. The YCF PEP Club is a humanistic project to empower people all around the world. We offer lots of resources for those in the making. We'd love to have you with us. Let's pep!

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Why would we need that?

Times are rough and might get even rougher. Big C. and the restrictions around have changed the world for all of us. This pandemic has already taken way too much from humankind.

People are getting confused, paralyzed, hopeless, powerless, angry, and frightened. Fear and anxiety are omnipresent, and it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

We cannot go on like that. We cannot afford to lose more human potential. We cannot afford to live in a society of fear and frustration. We need to unite and get empowered again.

Of course, regardless of race, color, sex, nationality, or other B.S. that's abusively used to disunite the people of the world.

We are here to empower you so that you can empower the world. (That's why you came here for.) Let's gain back power and confidence. Let's unite at YCF PEP Club.

How does it work?

In a world of complexity, the best weapon is simplicity. So let's keep it simple. First, let's come together. Modern technology makes it easy for us. Become a free member and join the next YCF PEP Call from wherever you are, using any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection or even your old-fashion phone.

Let's share our powerful wisdom and knowledge. Let's remember who we are and why we are here. Let's reinforce what's already inside of us. Let's unite and build a powerful and peaceful future for all of us. No more time to waste. Let's start NOW.


The PEP Call Agenda

Every YCF PEP Call will last about 90 minutes and follows a specific agenda.

1. Meet and Greet

Say hello and introduce yourself, if you like. Or stay silent, if you prefer.

YCF PEP Club Hello

2. Empowering News

A member will present any good news from the last days. That news can come from newspapers, magazines, blogs, or any other legit source. The presenter will share their opinion on why it's good news for the world and how it can instantly empower people.

Members can discuss the subject presented and share their ideas on it.

YCF PEP Club Good News

3. Empowering Words And Phrases

Words have power. A member will present a certain word or phrase, the meaning, and the etymology. They will also give some examples of how to use the word or phrase to build an empowering language.

Members can experiment with the new word or phrase while talking to each other and finding their own examples of usage.

YCF PEP Club Empowerwing Words

4. Empowering Media

A member will present an empowering book, article, movie, podcast, video, or other piece of media. They will give information about the author, background, and the era in which it was produced. The presenter will talk about the most empowering ideas and impulses within and what makes it unique.

Members can ask questions and share their opinion.

YCF PEP Club Empowering Books

5. Empowering Music

A member will present a powerful piece of music and where to find it.

Members can listen and/or read the song text.

YCF PEP CLUB Empowering Music

6. Empowering Habits

A member will introduce an empowering habit. They will share why this habit is empowering, where it comes from, and what it can lead to.*

Members can discuss whether and how they would like to establish this habit in their lives.

*Since this is a YOU CAN FIGHT PEP Club, we have our roots in tactical self-defense. Thus, empowering habits may sometimes be tactical habits as well.

YCF PEP Club Empowering Habit

7. Empowering Genius (You!)

A member will share a recent personal success story. They will cover what they achieved, how they did it, and how they felt.

Members can ask questions, share their thoughts, and get inspired.

YCF PEP Club Empowering Habit

8. Empowering Guests

From time to time, we'll have special guests on the call. They will talk about their field of activity and will bring in some more empowering thoughts.

Members can ask questions and share their ideas.

YCF PEP CLUB Empowering Guests

9. Empowering Mastermind

Free discussion time on any fair subject. Any member can ask a question or share a personal challenge with the group.

Members can discuss the subject, share their empowering thoughts on it, give some helpful advice, and find collective solutions.

YCF PEP Club Empowering Mastermind

10. Kiss-N-Ride

After we made some organizational arrangements, it's time to say good-bye again. No tears to shed. Let's meet soon on the very next YCF PEP Call.


The PEP Call Schedule

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Local YCF PEP Calls (German Language) will be held every 14 days on Sunday 08:00 p.m. Central Europe Time (CET).

We are where you are

As a member, you have 24/7 access to all recordings and additional online material, even on the go. Simply download the FREE YCF App, available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)